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Do I need to sign up to any apps to make the video call?

No, it couldn’t be easier.

We will send you a link the week before your allocated date and time. Don’t worry, we’ll also send a reminder the day before too. 

Click the link on your allotted day and time.  It is important you log onto the correct time and date on your ticket. 

Your virtual Santa experience will be streaming LIVE from the page as soon as you click on your allocated time.

Should you have an issue gaining access to the page, please email  We will aim to get back to you as soon as we are able with support.

What if my connection doesn’t work?

We appreciate that due to internet provider or technology issues, you may have an issue joining the virtual experience. We expect our wi-fi to be very good which will be apparent by the number of people joining the session.  Sneaky Experience cannot be responsible for your bad connection or wi-fi issues and therefore unable to guarantee additional help at the time of steaming should such issues arise. 

Should you experience technical difficulties, we will endeavour to transfer you to another session, however, this cannot be guaranteed and a refund will not be available.

How long is the virtual Santa visit?

Your Santa visit will be for 30 minutes.

Is the visit pre-recorded or live?

All virtual visits are 100% live

What if I miss my allocated time to see Santa Claus?

At such a busy time of year, we are unable to issue refunds for missed time-slots or cancelled appointments

How many people will be on the video call?

Each session is restricted to 25 children on the call.

Your registration is for your household which is for up to 3 children.  If you have more than 3 children, please let us know. 

Is the call safe?

Sneaky Experience takes safety and security very seriously.  All our Santas are DBS checked and attend a rigorous training programme to ensure our high standards are adhered to.

A parent or guardian must be viewable with their children on the call at all times.  If a child is on their own at any stage, the virtual visit may be terminated. 

For security purposes, all video calls are safely stored for 7 days, after which, they are deleted.

Can I split my timed slot with another household?

Unfortunately, not, the link we provide is unique to your household.

What information do you need from me to read a personalised message from Santa?

We require up to 20 words per child. This information is required at the time of booking. It’s important your messages are positive – to make this personalised, information about your children can include - what’s on their wish list, pets names, who their friends are, hobbies and why they’ve been particularly good this year. 

It is important messages aren’t too long as too many lengthy messages can become tedious for children.  It’s important your children's time with Santa is full of interactive magic.


Sneaky Experience is all about fun, interaction and making memories.  Should you feel this experience is not as expected, please email us at  We will respond promptly if we can. 

It is important the sessions remain magical to those attending, and as such, we ask you to email us rather than shouting out. We monitor safe behaviour; language or comments which could offend other members will not be tolerated and any person doing so, will be ejected from the live virtual visit with no option for a refund.